Well guys, I'm back...


Guess who’s back? Back again?

I’ve hemmed and hawed about getting back into blogging for the better part of the last year, without actually doing anything about it, and finally decided, it’s 2019, I’m in. YOWZERS!
For those of you who’re readers from this blog’s previous iterations, Hi friends! For those of you who are newbies to my rambling, I’m super excited to ramble anew to you all as well. To update you all on what’s happened since that final blog post in December. Lets do a little time traveling…

1. I became a Ra Ra.

To you newbs who haven’t had the pleasure of a child naming you something entirely off the wall, that’s an auntie. My baby bro and his lovely wife shook hands and then the stork showed up with an adorable little person. I love him the most and if you follow my social media, you know how passionate we both are about dinosaurs and garbage trucks.

2. I got promoted!

I’m now serving as the Market Development and Sustainability Coordinator for the lovely City of Springfield, MO. What this generally means is that if you live in the area, you’ve seen a ton of me on the news telling you all the ways to recycle in our City and generally flailing my arms a lot. I’m super passionate about personal and community sustainability and love to talk to people about it.

3. I met a pretty great guy. We tied the knot.

In true millennial fashion, we met on Tinder. He lived hours away. It shouldn’t have worked at all but it DID and we’re so happy. His name is Eric, he’s the love of my life, and you’ll likely be seeing him on here from time to time as I lure him into helping me with one of millions of DIYS. He came with a pint sized yorkie named April who thinks she’s the boss of us all, and whom Monty begrudgingly allowed to share his doggie bed.

4. We adulted hard and bought a house.

More on this later. It’s a big deal.

5. We went on lots of trips and generally have the best time together.

I mean, it’s a lot for two years absence, right?

If you read my blog in the past, it was a real mismatch of all things I liked. It was pretty inconsistent, but it gave me a creative outlet when I was in the middle of moving back home from Boston, looking for my first real job, and generally figuring it all out. Frankly, I think the lack of direction was one of the major reasons I finally quit blogging. So I knew that if I were to start blogging again, it had to be with a real focus and intent. I’m in an entirely different chapter of my life now and my interests have definitely changed (though I still love dinosaurs, tattoos, and pop culture… some things just never change.) But as I looked at my own consumption of culture, I’ve seen a real shift and only follow a handful of blogs. The thing in common with all those blogs? Homes and design! I’ve always been very obsessed with home decor, but as a perpetual renter until last year, there weren’t a ton of things I was willing to do to make these spaces more mine. That’s all changed now that we purchased our first home and realized that we can do WHATEVER WE WANT TO IT. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.

So that’s where we’re going with this blog now. We were lucky to find a wonderful home in a fantastic neighborhood that was in really good shape, but needed some updating and personalization. These first blog posts will be a little time travel-y, as I want to bring you up to date since March of 18 when we actually signed the papers, but from there on, it’s on. I’m hoping to share some of our immediate changes that we made when we moved in, and then tackle some of the very scary big projects we still have ahead of us. There will be power tools. I’m also hoping to place more of a focus on living consciously, with lots of resources for you all who care as much as I do about the environment. There’s SO much we all can do to make a positive impact. I’m very likely to share some random nonsense as well, because it’s me… and I just can’t not share puppy videos from time to time. ¯\_()_/¯

I’m pretty excited about this y’all. So looking forward to connecting with you!

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