Another update!


Apparently, I’m the queen of long absences.

 The last time I checked in it was to tell you the very amazing news that we’d introduced a tiny human into our family of two. Then I left y’all hanging without an adoption story and went on my merry way trying to figure out how to be a mom and wife and friend all during a pandemic. I still want to take the time to do a full post on Harper’s adoption story, but I thought this post would be a great opportunity to do a quick catch up since October and ease myself back into regular-ish blogging moving forward.

Since we left off in October…

 Little man grew literal leaps and bounds in his first year. With his 1st (OMG) birthday now past us (pics soon!) I’ll share a month by month comparison of Harper’s first year but its safe to say he didn’t stay a teensy tiny little guy for too long! Harper started getting the sweetest cheeks and thighs and little baby rolls around this time and I was so obsessed. Eric and I are both really into Halloween costumes and while we knew we weren’t going to go trick or treating during a pandemic, we still dressed up and porch visited our parents for the holiday. Eric’s Joe Exotic mullet will forever be imprinted on my brain.


We also traditionally have a pumpkin smash event to encourage recycling pumpkins into compost instead of throwing them in the trash can and while we weren’t having in person events, we found a really fun way to work with our friends at the Zoo to let animals be part of the fun.


Thanksgiving was another holiday that we had to shift, but I was so so pleased with how our family came together to make it work social distancing style. We distributed storage containers to all 20 of us, and everyone made house size portions of the holiday foods we all normally enjoy. Then we all jumped onto a Zoom call and chatted and played games (I found a fantastic Thanksgiving Jeopardy game on Etsy that was AMAZING!) While I hated not seeing the family in person, this was definitely a memory that we’ll all have of this crazy year.

Christmas came and per usual, Harper was way more excited about the wrapping paper than the gifts. We all wore matching jammies (even the dogs, who were less than enthusiastic about it) and even got a very special visit from Santa to our house. (My sweet uncle moonlights as Santa and offered to come out of Santa retirement so that Harper could get some pics. It was seriously the cutest thing.)


January 10th meant that Harper was officially 6 months old and could start eating solid foods! We’ve been doing baby led weaning (and finding tons of help through @babyledweanteam and @solidstarts) and are steaming along on our 100 First Foods Journey. A full post on this will be coming soon too, but it’s been SO fun watching people interact with all of the photos we post on insta and facebook.

Perhaps the biggest and most exciting part of January took place on January 29th when Harper OFFICIALLY became a Krug. We had our final court appearance for Harper’s adoption finalization via Zoom and it was so overwhelming and relieving and joyful. We couldn’t be more blessed.


The past few months have been full of milestones including Harper’s first teeth (he’s up to 4 now and LOVES to use them), he moved from rolling to crawling to cruising to WALKING in what felt like just a few short weeks and a return to daycare for him and work for Eric and I. After nearly 14 months working from home I’m still not entirely ready (and I can promise my pants weren’t ready for my comfortable pandemic body lol) but we’re easing back into the routines being vaccinated and the City opening more up. This has been one of the weirdest year’s yet, but I have been so thankful to have the time to spend at home with my family, to appreciate our home and our health, and to really be mindful about slowing down. I’m looking forward to watching this little man grow alongside Eric and the adventures that we have in store!

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