What's Making Me Happy ::165 ::

It's been one of those weeks that is so cold that all I've wanted to do is stay at home in my pajamas, snuggle with our pups, and watch re-runs of Mad Men. Last night we got out for a bit and wandered the aisles of Barnes & Noble (our favorite date night activity,) and I stood in front of the gardening section forEVER dreaming of spring planting. PLEASE SEND WARM  WEATHER OUR WAY!


I think this is such a beautiful and unique kitchen countertop. As the daughter of a woodworker, I am drooling.

I just bought this beautiful print Sarah Maderia Day for our bedroom... I think I'll wake up happy every day seeing that sunrise. I'm also in love with this oil on canvas.

Ashley from the Gold Hive shares my love of using less, and introduced me to this company that will soon be launching in the US. I'm so excited and intrigued that brands are starting to minimize their impact on the environment by considering shipping reusable containers! Major game changer.

I just finished Nine Perfect Strangers and was so pleased with the ending. I've loved Liane Moriarty's books universally, but this one was especially good. I've also been listening to Hunger by Roxanne Gay as an audiobook and an really enjoying it. I've got several books in the queue to start, but I suffer from new book selection paralysis after finishing a great book...any suggestions?

Alison revealed her bathroom makeover at the cabin and I am completely smitten, and considering doing something similar in our guest bathroom. Her entire home and cabin are seriously crush worthy.

I love shopping...who doesn't, but I have major anxiety spending a LOT of money on certain items (especially decor). But I finally bit the bullet and purchased this coverlet that I've been eyeing for ages now... new bedroom look to come soon!!

I've been going to Jazzercise for right at a year now and really love it. When my sister-in-law invited me to the first class, I laughed, because how can a workout our grandmas do be at my level? HA. Jazzercise is hardcore y'all. Who knew? I burn over 500 calories every class and actually have fun doing in. (Well as much fun as one can have when sweating profusely.) I'm attempting the February challenge at my location, 25 classes in 28 days... and today's day one! I'm traveling to NYC for part of this month, so it's even gonna give me the chance to try out classes in another city... wish me luck! If you're in the Springfield area, I go to this location, come join me!

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