a BIG little update

It’s been a while since we’ve been active on the blog and that is because we’ve had some SERIOUSLY AWESOME news… Our family of two is now a family of THREE!

 Wait what? Rewind.

 When we last left you back in February we were busy fundraising for our adoption (which was awesome and so so special,) and had officially gone “live” with our agency, meaning that we were able to start being shown as a waiting family to expectant mothers/families. One of the things that we knew going in was that this part of the process can take time and that lots of families wait months and even years for a match, so we were really trying to prepare ourselves for some time to pass (especially when COVID hit the US and pretty much all things shut down).

 Over that first few months we were presented with a few possible matching opportunities, (which is when you are given VERY limited information about a potential match, and which you say yes or no to being presented to) all of which ended in disruption of varying kinds. (Disruptions during the matching process are very common). We tried our hardest to not get our hopes up and all the while were very cautiously going through the process of purchasing the bare bones needed for a nursery if a match were to happen.

 Note: Lots of families do NOT choose to begin a nursery until they’re farther along in the matching process, but I’m a planner to a fault and wanted to be able to walk the line of not being in a Walmart the buying whatever was available the night of a match and also not having a fully decorated and completed nursery. Honestly it really gave me something to focus on and plan for, which helped me a lot especially when stay at home orders went into effect and we weren’t leaving our home often.

 In the first three months that we were “live” we were presented with 3 possible matches all of which ended up being disrupted, and with Eric always saying that they just didn’t feel right. We laugh now that whenever I felt good about a match he was wary (and right much of the time). Knowing that the process could take several months was always in the back of our mind, so you can imagine our surprise when our case worker (who is literally an angel from heaven, we love her so much) sent us a text in early May asking if we could join her on a video call. We’d matched with a baby being born in late July. I wish there was a screenshot of our faces because I know that we both were entirely in shock the whole call. We group called both of our parents to tell them the big news and frantically started reading every parenting book we could. We’d scheduled video calls with the birth parents to be (this was heavy in the middle of stay at home time,) which were all so nerve wracking… would they like us, what would we talk about… I was completely a wreck. We ended up having a lovely call with both birth parents… and things from there pretty quickly went off the rails.

 Eric will tell you that he’d had a feeling that something felt a little off, but I was pretty heartbroken when we received an email that one of the parents was no longer comfortable with an adoption plan. I won’t go into a lot of details because disruptions are so common, and it truly is a great thing when people choose to parent their children. Looking back now I have nothing but the most love for that family and wish them all the best.

 Because y’all, I am a believer that things happen when they’re supposed to.

 We’d heard from countless families who had already adopted that you had to be patient, that God’s timing was perfect, and that YOUR baby is out there and will come to you when it’s meant. When we received the call that there wasn’t an adoption plan anymore, we asked to be put back onto the waiting parents list.

 And LITERALLY five days later we were presented with a possible matching situation for a little boy to be born in July. We said yes.  

 Hint: It has a VERY happy ending 💓



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