whats making me happy # 162

// 1 // You can buy Mulder's poster from the X-Files guys! I can't believe I didn't know this before, but now that I do, I'm so buying it.

// 2 // Shelly März has so many great Big Lebowski enamel pins to choose from, but I'm pretty sure this one is my favorite.

// 3 // Lenny Letter does it again, this story about Jenna Lyons learning to sew and develop self confidence is so inspiring.

// 4 // Over the knee socks are my jam, and I have heart eyes for these.

// 5 // If you hate spoilers, DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK. But if you're like me and you're obsessed with Game of Thrones spoilers and theories, then this is your lucky day.

// 6 // David Attenborough narrates the beginning of Adele's Hello video and its the best thing ever.

// 7 // This might be the prettiest Star Wars tee I've ever seen.

// 8 // Sophie Gamin's photography is always amazing, but I am especially touched by the photos she did for a shelter with pit bulls. I want to adopt them all.

// 9 //  I'm loving nail art but I have zero skills with hand decorating. These would make it so easy and be so awesome.

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