whats making me happy #161 etsy love

As I've been seeking out the final finishing touches for my new place, I've become even more obsessed with scouring Etsy for unique handmade pieces to include in my decor. So instead of doing a regular wmmh post this week, I decided to show y'all some of my favorites that I've come across that I'm hoping to soon find their way into my home.

// 1 // I love quirky welcome mats, but the way that my screen door sits on my front porch there isn't enough clearance for a mat underneath. This mat would be perfect for right inside, and it'll make me laugh every day on the way to work. 

// 2 // My living room has a lot of black and white elements and this kickass print would fit in perfectly.

// 3 // My backyard is in serious need of a hammock, and this one is just beautiful.

// 4 // I think this mailbox is so cute, though the price tag makes me wince. Like five times. But hey a girl can dream.

// 5 // I'm in a rental so I can't put up wallpaper, but this mural would be a a great quick fix that I can take wherever with me. And it's gorgeous. 

// 6 // I'm totally buying into the brass lamp trend and I love that this lamp adds the organic geometric base. Looving it.

// 7 // Are you picking up on my love of cacti? This print is adorable.

// 8 // I have literally no more room for furniture in my home right now, but these cocktail chairs are so amazing I think I'd try to shove them in.

// 9 // This air plant holder would look great on my coffee table or hanging from the ceiling. 

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