What's Making Me Happy #158

// 1 // If a TV show could be my spirit animal, Difficult People would be mine. I haven't laughed this hard at terrible human beings since my high school reunion.

// 2 // I'm always fascinated by personality tests, and this one over at 16 personalities is by far the most accurate one for myself that I've ever taken. (I'm an ENFJ, or "Protagonist."

// 3 // Mike Melgaard shut down the ignorant messages regarding Target's shift toward gender neutrality in some really awesome Facebook messages.

// 4 // I'd LOVE to have this beautiful Phases of the Moon chart hanging in my home.

// 5 // Street artist Wanksy figured out a way to get his town to fix potholes quickly after a friend injured themselves on a bike ride...

// 6 // Did I mention that I am also obsessed with UnReal on Lifetime? This first season is over now but I think you can still watch it on the Lifetime app or their website. Do it.

// 7 // I'm totally following the fad, but I'm totally obsessed with these bookends.

// 8 // This website creates a mosaic using emojis from your photos. People come up with the darnedest things!

// 9 // The apartment tour on I Spy DIY is completely inspiring, I can't wait to get to my next space and start decorating!

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