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I wanted to take a hot second to tell y’all a little bit about another project I’ve been working on with my girl, Khali over at The Collective Table. I’ve previously shared my first article on the blog here too, and get excited, because there’s more! (My latest article is right here.) I’ll be trying to post over there (and on here) a lot more often now that life has stopped being so damn crazy, and I’d love for y’all to check it out. ALSO, TCT is looking for other interesting, unique, voices to add to the conversation. There’s no limit to what you can talk about, be it books, travel, movies, design, television, agriculture, whether the west coast really is the best cost, technology, sports, current affairs, music, and the environment. The important thing is that you share YOUR voice, YOUR thoughts, and YOUR perspective.

Interested in pitching an idea?

Send it in! Three to five sentences on what you want to write about and a line or two on who you are gives us a sense of what you’re bringing. Keep it clear, keep it concise, and make it compelling. Whether you send a fully formed piece or an idea you’ve been mulling over, it should have an identity, a narrative arc, and personality. Pitch the piece you want to read. Pitches can be sent to hali@thecollectivetable.com. I can’t wait to read your shit.

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