new name same game

I’m not sure you’ve noticed (that’s a lie, I know you’ve noticed,) but blogging has sort of been on the backburner for me lately. I could say all the things other bloggers say about being busy, or writers fatigue, or blah blah blah but to be honest, I just haven’t wanted to do it.

I know it seems to be every bloggers dream to make their online presence their career, but for me, I’ve begun to find myself gravitating more towards bloggers who have more to do and say than what makes clickable content for Pinterest.  That’s not to say I’m hating on Pinterest-worthy content makers, I do love a good DIY project, but I grow bored with these somewhat surface level insights into some bloggers lives. When I started blogging, I think I subconsciously compared my space to those real rockstar bloggers, and found it exhausting to keep up with their pace of content and investment of both time and money in each post. I work full time at a job that I love, but so much of the time I get home and am tired, or grumpy, or just wanting to veg out in front of the TV for a while and blogging is pretty much the last thing I’m thinking about. And then I feel guilty because another week has gone by with no posts, and I’m not living up to some self-imposed standards based on other bloggers habits.  Even the name of this blog really was more a reflection of the group of bloggers I was trying to fit into rather than something that I really loved.

So I’m changing it up y’all. The Uniqueness of Being was a perfectly good blog name for that time of my life, but I want something more real, and something more me. And what is more me than my own damn name? It’s a pretty badass name, you’ve gotta admit. I’m not making a whole lot of promises about being a “better” blogger or any of that bs that people tend to say apologetically to their readers for being busy or bored or whatever and not blogging.  I like to blog, but not according to a schedule, or a set theme, or anything like that. I want to blog when I feel like it, and share the shit I love, or the things that I’m passionate about, or sometimes just tell you a funny story about that time I had a dream that I hada burrito baby.

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