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* Are you all using the Dubsmash app yet? It's pretty much my favorite thing ever. (And sorry about the autoplay. I can't seem to figure out how to stop it.)

* I am so drawn to game of thrones everything. This gif makes me incredibly happy.

* I recently found out about my own state's abhorrent take on maternity leave and just got so stinking irritated. John Oliver did such a good job explaining why its ridiculous.

*Emily McDowell has created some really incredible empathy cards she wishes she had received when she battled cancer. I know that's a little strange to include in what's making me happy, but I think they're so wonderful.

* Oh god. Clueless turns 20 this year. I. am. so. old. I'm going to be consoling myself with this amazing mashup of the past 20 years of teen girl movies. I love so many of these.

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