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As children, our friendships are often based on the simplest of terms: who sat next to you in Mrs. Tippetts’ first grade class, the girl who lived down the street with a trampoline and a tree house, or a common love of building ant villages at recess. Unencumbered by the self-consciousness of our later teens and early adulthood, we share the ultimate commonality—our youth. It’s not until later in our lives that relationships develop less out of circumstance or a forced structure, and more from the desire to connect with another person over a mutual admiration.  For me, that has, and forever will be, a love of popular culture.
The origin stories of many of my closest friendships begin with a common conversation. “Oh my gosh have you seen...?!” Four hours later, we’ve run the gamut of why Iron & Wine is the best band in the world, why it’s okay to hate watch The Real Housewives, and how Wes Anderson movies will never fail to make me happy-cry like a Southern woman at her child’s kindergarten graduation.  (Southern women are the best criers. There’s lots of fanning and swooning and heaving of the breast. It’s just a fact.) As an entry point, pop culture serves as a conduit for conversation and a way to better understand one another; who we are, who we will be, and who we want to be.
Ya’ll know me, and even with a new blog name, I’m still basically here to talk about my favorite things, which tend to be entirely pop culture focused. Here at They Call Me Fearsy, I want to explore those ideas; the influence pop culture has over our lives, how it helps us to define ourselves, and how it inspires us to go out in the world and be.  Speaking from a place in which I describe my own experiences with pop culture, I hope    to open the larger conversation surrounding the things we love, the things we think, and in the process, make a new friend or twenty. 

In that spirit, (and because there is NOTHING I love more than making a list,)  I thought I’d end each of these posts with a shout out to the blogger “currently” posts, with a focus on the pop culture that we’re consuming that day. I’m looking forward to learning more about you all, what you’re obsessed with, and obviously all of the things I need to be adding to my Netflix queue immediately.

Did we just become best friends? Yup. 

Currently I’m… 
// reading // The Liar by Nora Roberts. You know I love a good Nora more than just about anything, and this one is turning out to be especially good.  

// listening // Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. King Kunta is so freaking great.  

// watching // Oh gosh what haven’t I been watching? Two of my favorite shows of all time are back, Mad Men and Game of Thrones, and I am FULL of speculations. Also I recently finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt which is hilarious, and the terrifying documentary The Jist, which eeked me out so much that I had to go makes sure all the doors were locked. That fool is GUILTY as SHIT. 

// playing // I’m completely obsessed with Machi Koro, which is as adorable to look at as it is fun. Board games have been my jam lately. Also recently went back to play the most depressing simulation game ever, This War of Mine, and really highly recommend it, sadness and all.  

//doing // Getting ready for my little bro’s wedding, which I’m officiating. I recently wrote my script for the ceremony and have managed to slip in a Beyonce quote, a Stepbrother reference, and maybe even a little Princess Bride. I am winning at this minister gig.

This article was adapted from an article I wrote on The Collective Table, a new online space created by a great friend. You should definitely go check it out. Like now.

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