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* I've been loving pennants lately, and this one from Keep Exploring is pretty amazing. (They also have some bomb ass keychains.)

* The trailer for Pitch Perfect 2 just dropped and I'm already so stoked for it.

*In that same vein, these scratch off foil maps are sweet too.

* I can't remember if I've shared these before, but I saw these calendars from 1canoe (a local Missouri company too!) at my girl Emilie's house and can't wait to buy a 2015 one.

*Lorde's cover of Jeremih's 'Don't Tell Em" is sick.

* Holy mother of god I want to be @baddiewinkle when I grow up. Who am I kidding I want to be her now.

* # FeministPrincessBride is so good. Read all about it on Buzzfeed.

* Google Play has the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack available for FREE today...

* Speaking of soundtracks, I'm completely obsessed with the music from my fave, Transparent. Anything that highlights the perfection that is Bettye Swann's "The You Can Tell Me Goodbye" is a winner for me.

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