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* J.K. Rowling wrote 6 new Harry Potter stories on Pottermore.

* Amy Poehler quizzing George R.R. Martin about Game of Thrones.

* Pretty Little Liars is one of my guilty pleasure shows, I get borderline obsessed...but sometimes the outfits are a little too random. Buzzfeed pointed out 41 of the most out of control ones.

* What Would Yeezus Wear is your new favorite tumblr. Here's a taste.

* Bennedict Cummerbatch does 11 imitations in 1 minute.

* John Oliver won the year with Last Week Tonight, & his finale shooting salmon at celebrities was the perfect end to the season.

*These holiday gif cards written by Mindy Kaling are great. (See more at farfetch.)

*These adults and children are asked what they would change about their bodies and they give very different answers...

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