wise words

We are fortunate to be experiencing an influx of amazing women out there in the world of culture, politics, and comedy, many of  whom I’d love to befriend and receive all of their words of wisdom for life in general. 
As many of you who know me know, I am generally terrible at interacting with the people I truly admire and respect. There is something in my DNA that when given the opportunity to meet someone I love, my body will begin express light tremors, I will stutter uncontrollably, and all of the genius conversation starters that I’ve dreamed up in my head will come pouring out as a singular run-on sentence resembling the following: “himynameisashleyandilovedthisthingyoudidsomuchcanwebebestfriendsorilldie” where I will promptly begin to hyperventilate because I forgot to tell my body to breathe.
This is unlikely to support my wish become celebrity-buddies with Aubrey Plaza in the near future.
Since the closest I am to swapping life lessons over a bottle of wine with the amazing women who inspire me is my drinking Franzia while reading Glamour magazine, I had to stick to just gathering up some of my favorite wise words from many of the women who bring me joy through culture, pop or otherwise.
I'd love to make this a more regular thing, it's no doubt that there is no end to awesome women saying awesome things, so if you'd like to see more of these posts, please let me know in the comments!

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