:: Taking Stock ::

I recently stumbled upon Pip's blog Meet Me At Mikes and have quickly fallen in love with her Taking Stock series, (similar to the Currently series over at Sometimes Sweet) so I decided to give it a try. Here goes...

:: Watching :: ThePeople’s Couch.  I didn’t understand the point of watching people watch tv at first…but it’s hilarious.  I want to be on this show.

:: Reading :: I just finished Longbourn by Jo Baker and am starting The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt .

:: Playing :: Stump.  It’s a game involving a hammer, nails, a tree stump, and all of your male friends.  It’s as dangerous as it sounds.  And hilarious.

:: Listening :: To the new First Aid Kit album, Stay Gold. 

:: Bookmarking :: Farm blogs. I’m super interested and involved in the urban farming movement and I can’t get enough of reading these blogs.

:: Crafting :: Felt song lyric banners.  I just made this one for a little fun in my bedroom.

:: Cooking :: Fajitas, it’s my favorite summer meal .

:: Drinking :: The newish beer at a local restaurant Farmers Ale.  Someone told me it tastes like a barn, in a good way, and I kinda love that description.

:: Loving :: Summer nights on patios while listening to good friends play the guitar. 

:: Smelling :: Fresh cut grass & lake water. My faves.

:: Wearing :: Rompers. I can’t stop buying them, the wackier the better.

:: Wanting :: More of these dang Game of Thrones blindboxes. They’re gracing my desk at work and now I’m totally addicted to collecting them.

:: Wishing :: For a longer weekend!

:: Pondering :: Where to go for my 30th birthday.  Because I am definitely not spending it in cold Missouri in January.

:: Needing :: A cat to kill the mouse that won’t leave my house.  Or a person who isn’t afraid of picking up a mousetrap.  Whichever.

:: Feeling :: Content

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  1. Great list! GOT Blind boxes...nice one. Loved The Goldfinch.