Vintage Lamp DIY

I've been putting together my little house little by little, trying to find or create the perfect pieces for each room, with my living room evolving into a very earthy, travel and camp themed room, (and a perfect place to display my growing thermos collection.) In some of my room research, I read that instead of depending on your harsh overhead lighting for rooms, you should instead  depend on dispersing lighting throughout the room with lamps and such, with at least three sources in each room.  Let me tell you something y'all... lamps are expensive!  Being a total tight-ass, and not entirely satisfied with the limited lamp selection in my area, I started pondering the steps it would take to create my own lamp out of something I loved and would compliment the room, when it hit me... thermos!  

I ordered an inexpensive lamp kit off of amazon, borrowed my dad and his drill for a bit, and whipped out the cutest little lamp for my sofa table. 

lamp kit
thermos (or vase, lunchbox, action figure...the possibilities are limitless!)


$15 (mostly for the lamp kit)

Step One: Drill a hole through both the lid of the thermos and the screw on top so that they're aligned  (this is where the socket will be attached,) and another hole on the side of the thermos near the very bottom (where the plug side of the cord will come through.)  

Step 2:  If you're using an older glass lined thermos, you'll obviously hear that odious tinkling of broken glass.  My thermos was double lined with glass and plastic, so I had to just shake out as much of the glass liner as possible.  There's a little big left in the bottom of my thermos, but unless you're wanting to use your lamp as a maraca, I wouldn't worry too much about it.  The lid will prevent you from having any shards that are dangerous.

Step 3: Thread the cord through the base of the thermos and up through the lid holes. (Before threading you might want to tape the ends of the cord together to make it easier to pull through the holes.) Then thread the cord through the base of the socket (this will go on the inside of the thermos, flush with the bottom of the screw on lid.)

Step 4: If you're wanting a lamp whose shade will require a harp and finial, then screw on the harp bottom, if you'd like a traditional lamp shade, you'll attach the socket cap instead. 

Step 5: Following the directions within the kit (hey y'all, I'm not an electrician,) you'll then attach the hot wire and neutral wires to the push through socket.

Step 6: Pop on that lampshade, screw in your CFL (eco-friendly baby!) and plug that sucker in y'all.  

I's almost embarrassingly easy to create, and I'm so excited to see what other items I can create in the future.  I'm obsessed!  

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