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* Richard Dunn made an awesomely cheesy Celine Dion cover in the Las Vegas airport.
All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

* Vulture put together some Game of Thrones season 4 pie charts...

* This rocks.

* In the same vein, The Beyoncelogues is perhaps the greatest thing I've ever seen.  So great I'm putting them all on here. I die.

* Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield perfectly dealing with the paparazzi. They win at life.

♥ Links Loved ♥

* Truer words were never spoken.

* 8 ridiculously delicious things you can cook in a campfire.

*  This piece is lovely.  My Sister Esther inspired The Fault In Our Stars. The movie is her sequel.

* 14 Brilliant pieces of literature you can read in the time it takes to eat lunch.

* 34 Facts you probably didn't know about The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

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