:: 124 ::

* I could look at random tinder pickup lines all day long.

* WHAT?!

* The Black Keys new album comes out in 2 weeks! Pat Carney gives me lady wood.

* This is my favorite right now, and it's all on YouTube!

* This is just one reason who Emma Stone is amazing.

* Love this new t-shirt design from Ted Trager.

* Speaking of GOT, they've been Simpsonized!
♥ Links Loved ♥ 

* 95 Young Adult Books to Read this Summer

* If you love Beyonce as much as I do.... just click here.

* I'm a size 12 and I wore a crop top. YES!

* Things that cost more than space exploration.

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  1. I love that list of books! I have read quite a few I might just read some more on that list.