:: 117 ::

* True.

* When you catch a truly great busker it's awesome

* I think this every time I'm in line at Chipotle. Need the shirt.

* Ultimate dog shaming

* The People's Pennant is so cool! Each month a designer creates a new felt pennant celebrating the simple things in life. I want these two for sure.

* Who DOESN'T want Jane Austen temporary tattoos?

* This is basically me and my bestie Chad singing in my car every time (there's a lot of Rent and Wicked in our road trips.)

* Suggested hashtags for LOTR...

♥ Links Loved ♥

* Did you know you can play the 1985 Apple version of The Oregon Trail online?

* Are any of you using Moviepass yet?  It's a movie membership that allows you to see one movie EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH for one low price! (Here in Springfield it's only $30 a month.)  I really want to try it.

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