Pop Culture Valentines for Every Fan

There’s something really sad about the fact that adults don’t get to celebrate Valentine’s Day like we did as kiddos.  I can remember spending weeks before the holiday perfecting my card box for the class exchange, creating everything from a penguin (don’t all girls go through a penguin phase?) to Cinderella’s carriage, and all shapes and sizes in between. (And be sure, it was covered in glitter.) I’d scour the store aisles for the perfect foil covered New Kids on the Block cards, (or if you were super fancy, the cards with candy attached…bonus points for blow pops) and debate over which card to give to each specific person. (How else would Billy know that you liked him unless you gave him the perfect Shee-Ra card proclaiming your love?)  Those were the days y’all.

Nowadays, I still love to share a good valentine with friends and family, though my tastes have moderately evolved (I still love you NKOTB).  Today I’ve gathered some of my favorite pop-culture themed valentines cards for y’all to share with your best gal pal, your boo, or even someone you don’t like at all.  Most of them are free downloads, and will make a more appropriate valentine to send than a picture of your junk. (Because that shit is forever y’all.)