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* This tutorial to make a moss shower mat sounds like a great weekend project.

* Christina Bianco sings 'Let It Go' in the style of all sorts of people....hilariously.

* Cindy Mangomini's illustrated how to's are always full of fun fashion ideas.

* These thug life shirts are the shit.

* PridePropoganda is repurposing vintage Soviet propoganda posters to protest Russia's ban on LGBT propaganda. Love this. Seriously, click through and see them all.

♥ Links Loved ♥

* 21 things every traveler wishes they had is full of new items for my wish list.

* What music festival should you go to? (I got SXSW.)

* Why celebs coming out still matters... you go Ellen Page!!

*  16 books to amp up your creativity is a perfect list of spring inspiration books.

* Things only women with tattoos will understand. SO TRUE.

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