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It’s kinda my dream to live in a Wes Anderson film.  His cinematography, the use of vintage, music, and color, have always been something that I’m super drawn to.  So for my new casa, one of my goals was to bring a little bit of Wes into every room, making it warm, inviting, and just a little bit weird.  I wanted to get started with the bedroom, partly because it required nearly no furniture purchases, but had a lot of potential for change with the things I already have.  Over the years I’ve acquired and tossed off a lot of furniture “sets” so I have a real amalgamation of pieces… which is both a good and bad thing. One of my biggest challenges for this room specifically is to develop cohesiveness in the mismatchery… any suggestions are always appreciated!  I’m big on creating boards for rooms to see how everything looks together on paper, so here’s what I’m working with so far:

:: sources (so far) ::
:: Plastic Molded Rocking Chair :: Fur Rug :: Sheets :: Quilt (thrifted) :: Throw :: Moonrise Kingdom poster :: Pillow :: Deer head planter (thrifted) :: Paint :: Candle :: Adventure Pillow :: 

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