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I'm headed off to the Windy City today, (because I'm a crazy person and feel the need to visit the coldest city ever apparently...) so I'm sharing today's what's making me happy a little differently today, in links. (My  wifi hotspot hates photobucket and I clearly don't have the patience. ) so without further adieu, here's what's making me happy thus week :

* some of these honest movie posters are hilariously accurate. (The Wolf of  Wall Street as Scarface for Douchebags is my favorite...)

* This print would look perfect in my new house. This one is totally rad too.

* 20 things women should stop having to apologize for.

* My friends and I are a bunch of group texting fools, so these unwritten rules for group texting are spot on for us.

* This guy just won at proposals in my book... A Pride & Prejudice proposal.

* Tavi's interview of Lorde is so awesome. Those are two majorly cool ladies with such interesting viewpoints of fame, feminism,

* Some of the best moments at the Golden Globes... Both Emma Thompson drinking barefoot on stage and Elizabeth Moss flipping off the mani cam (a concept I ABHOR) were my faves.

* The review of a 5 pound bag of sugar free gummy bears is disgusting and hilarious.

* Which character are you? Too funny.

* 20 Signs you grew up in the south is pretty much spot on.

* AFI's top 100 movie quotes as charts is awesome.

Happy weekend friends!!!

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  1. Loved every single link this week! Especially the 20 things women should stop having to apologise for!
    Have an awesome time in Chicago(??)!!!
    XO Samantha