Cheesy Movies, Christmas Cheer, and a Holiday Pop Culture Guide

I've talked before of some of my favorite holiday traditions, (Home Alone every Thanksgiving night, She & Him Christmas album while trimming the tree, and more viewings of Love, Actually, White Christmas, and Elf than I can count on two hands to name a few.)  Last year, honestly by accident, my gal pal Lucy, her wonderful mother Joanne, found ourselves parked in front of the television for a while an entire day watching truly terrible awesome Hallmark and Lifetime christmas movies.  And it was the best day ever.  D list actors, terribly off key singing, some of the ugliest "hand crafted" nutcrackers I've ever seen...there is so much to hate on.  But we found ourselves completely sucked in to each movie, mocking the dialogue, laughing our asses off, and nearly always tearing up. (Christmas + kids with cancer/homeless families/small business owners vs. evil developers/old high school flames = Ashley Fears sobbing. Every. Damn. Time.)  It's our little holiday tradition and I love it.

So in the spirit of maximizing the amount of Jingle Bell Rock and christmas cheesiness, I've put together a little pop culture calendar for you, my wonderful readers.  On it you'll find my picks each day of what to watch and where to watch it.  Lets get our Christmas on y'all!

NOV 28 :: Home Alone Amazon Instant
NOV 29 :: Holiday High School Reunion Lifetime 10 AM
NOV 30 :: Let It Snow Hallmark 7 PM
DEC 1:: Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas ABC Family 7 PM
DEC 2 :: The Santa Clause Trilogy ABC Family 8 PM
DEC 3 :: Love Actually Netflix Instant
DEC 4 :: All About Christmas Eve Lifetime 10 PM
DEC 5 :: Moonlight & Mistletoe Hallmark 6 PM
DEC 6 :: Miracle on 34th Street Netflix Instant
DEC 7 :: Disney's A Christmas Carol ABC Family 2:30 PM
DEC 8 :: The March Sisters at Christmas Lifetime 1 PM
DEC 9 :: Naughty or Nice Hallmark 7 PM
DEC 10 :: 12 Dates of Christmas Netflix Instant
DEC 11 :: Matchmaker Santa Hallmark 6 PM
DEC 12 :: Scrooged ABC Family 9 PM
DEC 13 :: The Family Stone Amazon Instant
DEC 14 :: It's A Wonderful Life NBC 8 PM
DEC 15 :: White Christmas Netflix Instant
DEC 16 :: The Holiday Amazon Instant Video
DEC 17 :: The Nightmare Before Christmas Netflix Instant
DEC 18 :: Christmas on the Bayou Lifetime 8 PM
DEC 19 :: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys ABC Family 7 PM
DEC 20 :: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Netflix Instant or ABC Family 9PM
DEC 21 :: Fir Crazy Hallmark Channel 6 PM
DEC 22 :: The Polar Express Netflix Instant
DEC 23 :: The Muppet Christmas Carol ABC Family 8 PM
DEC 24 :: How The Grinch Stole Christmas ABC 8 PM
DEC 25 :: A Christmas Story TBS All Day Long!

** Editors Note: I realized last night that my calendar was all jacked up with the days of the week... sorry about that y'all!  It's fixed now. 

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  1. I love you for doing this. And Hallmark Christmas movies are the worst/BESSST!!!