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* These modern merit badges from The Scout Project are awesome.  I want to collect them all!

* This sweater.

* The SNL Wes Anderson horror trailer was too funny.  Ed Norton nailed Owen Wilson.

* This is so true.

* This pillow makes my day.

*This is the greatest "sexy costume"ever.  Edgar Allen Ho.

* If you don't think this is precious, you do not have a soul. (I want Scott Avett to call me baby too.)

* The 21 Best Things Said By Samantha Jones.  She's my fave.

♥ Links Loved ♥

* This TLC/Lorde mashup is perfect.

* Seitz: 23 Things I Learned When Writing My Book About Wes Anderson

* And What Your Favorite Wes Anderson Movie Says About You

* 55 Things Only 90s Teenage Girls Can Understand

* A 20-Something Party vs a 30-Something Party.

* Wearing a size 2 does not make you happy.

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  1. Hey Ashley, thanks for featuring The Scout Project! I'm really happy you like the badges.