Midcentury Record Players

I know I've gone on and on previously on the blog about my love for vinyl.  There's something so wonderful about holding a record in your hand, hearing the crackle as the needle hits... it's really an experience.  Most of the time I'll listen to records in my room on my trusty little Jensen as I work or read...but lately I can't stop myself from being drawn to beautiful vintage record players while I'm out.  It's getting to the point that I will have one in every room!  Here are a few that I've had my eye on...

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  1. Vinyl crackle is where I find my happy place!

  2. I was in the market for a record player when I stumbled upon a 1956 Magnavox console in an antique store. It supposedly needed a new belt, so I got it for a steal, but when I got it home, it ran just fine! It was fate, I tell you. Love that thing.

  3. Oh wow those took me back. My parents had a huge record player stand thing in our house. It was their favorite piece of furniture.

  4. I've been looking at some record players recently but haven't found "the one" as of yet.


  5. Aaaaah I love them! I want them all! I totally know what you mean though, like mp3s and cds are great and all and convenient, but listening to vinyl is an experience. It totally changes the mood and the way you listen to the music!
    XO Samantha