Halloween Tradition

I've had a little tradition every year that just gets me into the spirit of all things spooky.  It started off with a little flick called Hocus Pocus... you know it's Halloween when I start dropping HP quotes.  In the past few years I've expanded my tradition to a evening (or whole day depending on the amount of time available,) with friends watching old horror flicks.  

We go through varying levels from the legitimately scary, in which I sit in a room with a sheet over my head for the majority of the movie (I'm a scary movie hider...the monster can't get you if you can't see it kind of thing,) to the ridiculously hilarious.  These flicks tend to be older more kitchy flicks that we've all seen a hundred times, so instead we can talk through the whole thing, making fun of characters, creating our own dialogue, and throwing copious amounts of popcorn at the screen.  Here are my picks for this year's fright-fest a-thon.

The Truly Scary...

The Conjuring
I haven't been this scared in a movie theater since The Ring.  Seriously, I think I kicked the person in front of me because I was literally flailing around out of fright.  And to top it off, this shit was GOOD.  Like a legitimately great movie.  If you haven't yet, watch this shiz.  

The Strangers
The scariest movies to me aren't the ones with ghosts or men in hockey masks chasing pubescent girls  up stairs (seriously, always up stairs.  As if there's an awesome exit up there that only idiot girls know...) The things that legitimately scare the bejesus out of me are the ones that go unexplained.  The strangers don't have a reason to terrorize Liv Tyler...they just did it on a whim.  In terrifying masks.  While Joanna Newsom plays in the background.  This. Movie. Is. Awesome......And terrifying.

The Awesome Old School Blockbusters...

Friday the 13th
Of all of the horror franchises of the 80's... Jason has to be my favorite.  He doesn't talk.  He is superhumanly strong, yet can be killed with the most random of objects.  He has more lives than 10 cats.  The man has been killed with a machete (at least three times,) axed in the head, dissolved by toxic waste, stabbed through the heart with a magic hell raising dagger, chained to the bottom of Crystal Lake and then strangled with the chain, electrocuted, had his head chopped up in a wood chipper and my favorite... burned up in the Earth 2's atmosphere after being kicked towards another PLANET.  The ridiculousness has no bounds. And I love it. Check out these rankings of the Ft13 movies in order...watch them all!

I loved loved loved these movies growing up.  (Except the third.  No one liked Scream 3, even when they killed Jenny McCarthy.  Ignore three.)  I love a movie that mocks it's own genre, while perpetuating each of the stereotypes... it's awesome, and scary, and obviously Wes Craven's crowning achievement.  

The Best of them all...

Hocus Pocus


  1. Excellent list! The Conjuring is fantastic. The Strangers? Never again...way too scary for me. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love Hocus Pocus definitely a classic. Just watched the Scream series for the first time this year and you are right I hated 3 the most although 4 was not amazing either. Thanks for sharing


  3. Is it weird that I wasn't scared when I first watched The Conjuring? I went with a friend who had already seen it and she was terrified. Me, I was cool as a cucumber!
    I admit there were times when I jumped a little bit, but it wasn't that scary. I just have intense reactions to creepy music. haha