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* Texts from animals always make me laugh. Mittens is hilarious.

* Kate Bee's banned book mugshots are pretty awesome.

*This is the sweetest Halloween gif ever.

* Speaking of Halloween, I am LOVING this costume idea...

* I am ecstatic for my favorite Chris Lilly SHH charachter (Ja'mie of course,) to get her own show. If you haven't watched Summer Heights High yet, you're seriously missing out y'all.

*Matt Cowan has super fun pop culture math prints... can you guess which actor this is?
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* Awesome Movies for People Who Love Mean Girls (OMG Saved is one of my favorite movies ever)

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* 21 Reasons Why "Hocus Pocus" Is The Best And Most Important Part of Halloween

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* The Best Ways to Respond to a Wrong Number

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  1. Found your blog cause I was trying to find a better Sasha Unisex tattoo. I love it though!! I love the Mittens conversations. Too funny!