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As we venture into the latter half of 2013 there seem to exist some noticeable changes within our worlds.  Leaves changing, my skin becoming pasty white, far more clothing on 20 something girls, pumpkin spice insanity, and of course pop culture getting serious.  Summers for pop culture are full of blockbuster movies, upbeat pop hits, and the return of everyone's favorite television shows.  For a pop culture junkie, it's pretty awesome.  Music is a pretty huge part of my life and I really love the subtle transition to people's fall listening habits.  I've been looking forward to a few of this fall's album releases for a while now... here are just a few of the albums that y'all should keep an ear out for.

The Avett Brothers Magpie and the Dandelion
Release Date : October 15

I can't get enough of these beautiful bearded men.  As many of y'all know, I was borderline obsessed with their last album The Carpenter, and am only the more excited to learn that this album was almost concurrently recorded because they were so inspired that they couldn't stop writing.  Definitely check out their first single, Another is Waiting.

HAIM Days Are Gone
Release Date : September 30

Pretty sure that these ladies are the next big thing.  Really they're just the big thing, because EVERYONE is talking about them.  There is just something so infectious to these gals... I'm so excited to see what they have in store.  While I haven't been able to get my hands on a new single (yet...) definitely check out their latest single, The Wire.

The Head & The Heart Let's Be Still
Release Date : October 15

Goodness gracious y'all these guys took their time after releasing their self titled debut (and my favorite epic road trip album,) but I'm positive that the wait will be worth it.  And c'mon even this teaser clip sounds awesome. Their latest single? The aptly titled Shake.

Lorde Pure Heroine
Release Date : September 30

If you've been with me in the car at any time over the past few months, you know that Royals is by far my jam of the summer.  I am SO obsessed.  This gal is only 16 and basically everything that Lana Del Ray paid lots of superficial daddy money trying to be.  Get excited by listening to her single, Tennis Courts... I just may have become more obsessed.

Miley Cyrus Bangerz
Release Date : October 8

Okay, I know I'm gonna get a lot of shit about this.  But I seriously love crazy, foam finger wearing, Miley.  Yeah, yeah, the whole random gyrating at the VMA's was a tad bit much, and I KNOW it's disgusting to lick a sledgehammer, even if it's brand spanking new.... but I am just digging it.  I just couldn't stop with We Won't Stop, and Wrecking Ball....well it's pretty great.  So judge away.  Miley and I don't care :)

M.I.A. Matangi
Release Date : November 5

M.I.A. had me at "I fly like paper..." You just can't avoid the catchiness of her shit.  One thing is for sure, the lady cannot be contained (hey we all saw that Superbowl halftime show,) and I love how unexpected each new song is.  Rev yourself up with an older single from the new album, Bad Girls.

Deer Tick Negativity
Release Date : September 24

My love of Deer Tick has a lot to do with my time in Boston, so there's a lot of nostalgia along with this band, but they're just fun.  Fun to watch, fun to listen to... just fun.  I'm digging their first single The Dream's in the Ditch.

TLC ???
Release Date : October 15

If you tell me you didn't dance in your bedroom to the entire CrazySexyCool album I will call you a bold faced liar.  LIAR.  Am I a little concerned with the fact that there is no "L" for me to memorize all of the rap bits? Yes.  But I am definitely anticipating what these ladies have in store.  Check out the new single with J Cole, (and really, it's mostly just J Cole...but i'll take what I can get...) Crooked Smile.

Elton John The Diving Board
Release Date : September 24

There are so many things that have me jacked up about this.  Elton hasn't done a solo album since 2006... he is ELTON JOHN....and just in case that isn't enough for you (what is wrong with you, that is sooo enough!!) it's produced by THE T Bone Burnett.  Who wants to go to Caesars Palace with me to see this shiz???  Single...oh yeah.  Check out Home Again. It's beautiful.

So what are y'all super excited about this fall? Let me know in the comments so I can add it to one of many playlists!!  xoxo Fearsy

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  1. SO MUCH good music coming out. I'm going to be broke. Haha.