:: 94 ::


*Love it or hate it, I can't stop laughing...

* A movie that I can't skip any time it's on TV.  Love.

* OMG. Mark Paul Gosselaar is adorable. And pretty hilarious.

* This might have made my entire week. If Cher from Clueless had Instagram.... * Love Robyn. Love this cover of Dancing On My Own by Kings of Leon.

* Adorable. Seriously. I want an elephant.
♥ Links Loved ♥ 

* Meet Eden Miller, the first plus size fashion designer to show at New York Fashion Week.

* Everything I need to know i learned from Hermione Granger.

* The 10 Most Important Questions Asked by Tai in Clueless.


  1. these are all so good. thanks for some clueless nostalgia.

  2. Oh my goddddd. That Clueless Instagram thing is awesome!

    - April