As a child, I spent an inordinate amount of time flipping through National Geographic and snipping the photos of places that I had to visit in my life or planning my backpacking across Europe route approximately a million times. I grew up fascinated by the color, culture, and life that existed in so many different places. I was incredibly lucky to have a mother who had as much of a travel bug as I did,and who would take us on "educational field trips" every summer with her friends. (Once a teacher, always a teacher. Who else would take their decidedly less-excited children on the entire trek of Lewis and Clark? My mom, that's who.) While I may have slightly resented some of these trips, (Amana colony, I'm looking at you,) they lit a fire in my to continue to explore and appreciate the amazing things that surround us in this world.

 Lately, I've been feeling the pull of the open road, the whisper of a new adventure at my front door. As a kid I assumed that once i was grown up, I'd be an explorer, someone who has stepped foot in every country, knows a handful of languages (and how to appropriately curse in said languages,) and is constantly on the go, out the door, for a new adventure. As an adult, I am all too aware of bills, and commitments, and a pitiful amount of vacation days (c'mon America, get with the program!) but I still have that insatiable desire to go, see, and do. While most of us will have to do with dreaming and saving all those dolla bills, here's a little dose of wanderlust for your Monday afternoon.
  Santorini, Greece (image via here)
Coron Islands, Philippines (images via here and here) Hillier Lake, Austrailia Thailand
Morocco (images via here and here)


  1. I work in an industry where some of my co-workers are sent to far-away lands to do inspirational research and it always makes me sad when I hear them complain. Yes, I realize that it's work and Yes, I realize that those early morning flights and city after city are not exactly fun when it's work; but the reality is that they still are travelling to places the other 80% of the world's population will never have the opportunity to see.

    I did a little travelling for work (Hong Kong, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Milan); but was always well aware that it was a privledge to do so.

    One day, I will go travelling again!

  2. Kristy, I completely agree, it canbe so frustrating to hear people complain about situations which we would kill for! How wonderful that you have a job that allowed you to travel so much, (and oh my goodness how amazing was Amsterdam? It's one trip I'm hoping to take sooner than later :)