simple goals : be happy right now

I'm not particularly good at living in the moment.

I've always been a "goals" person, someone who plans and spends an incredible amount of time thinking and planning for the future me. This, I've learned, often makes me the speed through the now because my eyes are so "on the prize" that i don't recognize the great things that are happening around me at that time.  Is it wrong to set goals? Of course not.  Even ridiculous ones that i'm sure I will never actually accomplish.  (Hello future me living in the Irish countryside with my strapping firsherman husband making the worlds greatest chicken soup and writing the next great American novel.  Unlikely I know. And yes, very Nora Roberts-tinged. She's in my brain.)  

But I find myself having to constantly stop and remind myself. 

Stop. Look around you.  Be Happy in THIS moment.

In these last days of summer, the happy, wonderful, random moments with friends and family...this is what I will continue to remind myself of.  Because the future will be there regardless.  

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  1. I am this person. Constantly planning, dreaming, working toward what's ahead. It's so hard to just stop and find the beauty now, especially when I want so much for the future. Of course, when the future gets here, I'll probably still be planning/dreaming/working. :) Thanks for the lovely reminder. :)