:: 91 ::

*Holy awesome, this animated mean girls alphabet is aweeeesome.

*The Secret Life of Bee is such a lovely blog, and i just discovered that she sells prints too! This simple reminder is wonderful.

*The Orange is the New Black paper dolls by Emily Niland are so great! (Also, Diaz is my FAVORITE.)

* Kid President is the cutest thing ever.

* This print needs to get on my wall.

*I love Steve Martin, Kermit, and banjos. Some things are just meant to be.

* I am so obsessed with both of these tats. ♥ Links Loved ♥

* These articles about "meaningless" tattoos are spot on. I can't wait for my "meaningless" T-Rex tattoo....
Do This Don't: Get a Meaningless Tattoo That Noone Understands
All My Tattoos Are Meaningless, Just Like My Insignificant Life

*Maybe the best article of the week.

* I am so excited for fall, it's my favorite season overall...and my favorite season to dress for. I am dying for this sweater, these sweet mugs, these boots, and this top.


  1. Those meaningless tattoo ones are spot on! I get my tattoos because they make me smile. Not everything needs to mean something amazing.

  2. I love Orange Is The New Black, those dolls are adorable!

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