:: 89 ::

*these nice sharks.

* this swimsuit

*Ja'Mai is my favorite. Summer Heights High makes me die.

* this is the greatest thing to happen on TV this week. Colbert is a national treasure

* but this is a pretty close second.

* these teacup balconies. omg.

*the fabio of lions.


♥ Links Loved ♥

* Jeff Bridges AND Meryl Streep for the movie adaptation The Giver (basically my favorite book ever.) I'm PUMPED.

*this NYC missed connection is lovely.

* 20 ways being single saves you money.

*25 Things Everyone Should Try Doing Alone.

*Life Lessons of Being a Dog Owner.

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  1. I didn't even realize they were doing a film version of "The Giver"! How exciting! I'm having the teens in my book club read the whole series, and we all love it!