want. need. wear. read.

want :: need :: wear :: read 

*want. need. wear. read. is a regular blog post inspired by the lovely Miss James over at Bleubird blog.


  1. Hello from Boston! Just wanted to say I looked up Adulting blog (after an accidental foray to adulting.com --- DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK!) and my goodness, I'm addicted. She vocalizes things I couldn't put into words and spouts advice I had no idea I desperately needed. Good find!

    Also, those shoes are gorgeous.

    1. Hahahaha omg Signe, I almost spit out my soda when I read this. I will now avoid adulting.com like wildfire! I just picked up Adulting and it recommended the book Don't Worry, It Gets Worse as well. Looks pretty funny!