Some Vacation Snapshots

Wowzer y'all, I bet y'all thought I had been abducted by aliens.... close, but no. I was on vacation! For the past week I've been spending some much needed time relaxing and catching up with friends in Boston then heading over to Newport, RI for the Newport Folk Fest.  I had SUCH a good time, and can't wait to incrementally share some of the photos throughout the trip over the next couple of days.

For this first batch, I had to share some of the amazing photos from the International Sandcastle competition held at Revere Beach right outside of Boston.  I'd always meant to stop by when I lived there, but never got around to it, so two of my favorite gentlemen and I made a lovely little day of it.  I was AMAZED by the skill and detail of the different sandcastles, as well as stunned by how far people come to compete (who knew they were skilled sandcastle-makers in Holland?!) After checking out the sandcastles we spent the rest of the day raiding the food trucks and lounging in the sand, with quick dips in the (frigid) ocean.  (I think I'd forgotten how cold the Atlantic is... I was such a baby about it!)
xoxo Fearsy

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  1. The sand sculptures are absolutely beautiful. I'd love to be able to do that!

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