Newport Folk Fest Recap Pt 1 (photo heavy)

Another year, another magical time at the Newport Folk Fest. (Make yourself comfortable friends, I've got so many words...and so many pictures...) I've often heard NFF to be described as something akin to an adult camp experience, and I have to admit, that's a pretty apt description.  Imagine three days of kindred spirits coming together in easily the most beautiful music venue in the US to celebrate a shared love of folk music. Unlike other festivals I've attended there is this amazing attitude among the participants... we're all here together, loving music, often soaked to the bone (it's almost a tradition in itself that it WILL RAIN at least one day,) so let's all just get along, chill in some grass, and love this moment.  It's the best time ever. I'll never not go.  (Wanna join me next year?) 


  1. SUCH GREAT PICTURES! I'm currently having my post NFF withdrawals. I listen to the recordings from NPR religiously, awkwardly check the NFF app just in case there are any new notifications, and of course rant about it to EVERYONE for days.

  2. This looks so wonderful! I've never even heard of NFF but it's definitely on my to-do list for next summer! And sorry this comment is so late--I'm wayy behind on my Bloglovin' feed! xx

    Allie //