Life List

Since I was a teenager I've kept a life list of various goals to meet throughout my life.  I'd been carrying around this list all folded up in my wallet for YEARS, sometimes taking it out to add something or cross something off, so you can imagine my dismay when, while digging through my wallet for my life list and coming up empty handed.  While I was SO sad to lose such a piece of my history gone, I was excited to explore some new goals, both large and small to achieve throughout my life.  I love the ability to reassess my goals in times of confusion or whenever I feel adrift, or when I need a little inspiration and change of pace. Do you keep a life list? I'd love to hear what was on it! xoxo Fearsy

:: Life List ::
1. See a great white shark up close. But not tooooo close.
2. Live in a foreign country.
3. Meet Ira Glass.
4. Go to a drive in movie.
5. Learn to drive a stick shift.
6. Raft through the Grand Canyon.
7. Learn to play the banjo.
8. Visit every state.
9. Visit every continent
10. Cross the intersection at Abbey Road
11. Go on a safari
12. Swim with Dolphins.
13. Go on The Price Is Right.  Win.
14. Write a book.
15.  Do a polar plunge.
16. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
17. Run a marathon.
18. Learn to scuba.
19. Add a lock to the lock bridge.
20.  Own my own home.
21. Buy a vintage caravan.
22. Drive Route 66.
23. Solve a rubix cube.
24. Read the classics.
25. Work for myself.
26. Take my parents on a vacation.
27. Sail the great loop.
28. Roll the Guggenheim.
29. See Everest.
30. Paint a mural.

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