Honey Plum Smash Cocktail

Just what this sticky summer day needs...a fruity cocktail straight off the grill.  (Grill you say? Oh yeah.)  Remember that grilled peach bourbon we made a while back?  Well it's time to make some cocktails!  Ever since the grilled peaches I've become a liiiitle obsessed with grilling fruits and playing with flavors.  Not too girly, a little smoky flavor...this little guy might be my new favorite.
:: You'll Need ::
2 plums, cut into wedges, plus wedges for garnish
6 ounces bourbon (try my grilled peach bourbon recipe here!)
4 ounces dry vermouth
2 ounces fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 ounces honey
grilled lemon slice for garnish

:: What You Do ::

Grill plums until lightly charred over medium-high heat.  Let cool
Muddle 2 plums in a large pitcher until mashed.  Add bourbon, vermouth, lemon juice, & honey then fill pitcher with ice.  
Strain into glass filled with ice. (Discard solids.) Garnish with plum wedge & lemon slice. 

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