friends, fun, & pyrotechnics (photo heavy)

There's something inately nostalgic about the 4th of July.  I can remember being a child walking through the aisles of fireworks with my brother calculating how to get the greatest bang out of our buck (though didn't we all really end up with bags of those growing snakes, smoke bombs, snaps, and the fountains?  We were clearly ripped off.) Recently I decided to wander through one of the stands near my home and stumbled upon these pretty paper lanterns (which I've been secretly dying to try out ever since I saw Tangled,) and of course, copious amounts of sparklers.  Last night we spent a magical evening running around like kids with the sparklers (nearly setting ourselves on fire, how did we play with these as kids?!)  and shared a really beautiful moment with the lanterns where we wrote our wishes on the lanterns to send those good vibes 'into the universe'. The end result was sooo lovely.  

Have you been having any pre-fourth of july fun? xoxo Fearsy

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  1. I'm TOTALLY digging those lanterns. My family hasn't done fireworks in several years; but I think this year we might start up the tradition again; albeit it on a smaller scale. Those metal sparklers freak me out, as I was accidently burned by one as a child...nothing too serious; but not something I'd like to relive. Happy 4th to you!!