:: 86 ::

* I love these classical sculptures dressed as hipsters.

* This dog is winning.

* Proposals get me.  So does Zach Braff.  Sigh.

* This amazing reunion photo of the cast of Matilda is pretty awesome. Still LOVE this movie.

* This is the greatest t-shirt.

* This Moonrise Kingdom inspired engagement shoot is my dream. Click here to see more movie themed engagements.

♥ Links Loved ♥

* The crazy sorority girl is back writing for Bro Bible. She's still pretty funny.

* 15 Things We All Do But Noone Talks About

* 20 Things America Has Done Right. Especially Shark Week.

* What Happens When Your Childhood Dream of Playing Plinko Comes True. THIS IS MY DREAM.

* Happy 500th Episode This American Life!

* Professor Snape doing everyday things just made me giggle.

* This cartoon telling people to lay off millenials is pretty great.

* 27 Signs You're a List Maker is basically me. I do all of these things.


  1. I love the statues! My personal favourite is the guy with the lamb over his shoulders.

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. oh man i loved that video!!! had me all teary-eyed. thanks for sharing!