Tattoosday :: Sasha Unisex

It's been a while y'all!  I know i've been holding out on y'all with the tattoosday posts over the past couple of months, but I had simply gotten a little burnt out on the whole thing.  I'd felt like I wasn't posting truly inspirational pieces anymore and decided to take a break.  While I don't think I'll necessarily go back to weekly tattooing posts, I will say that I have been slowly but surely finding some really beautiful art, a prime example being this week's artist, Sasha Unisex.  I have been blown away by her unique style, beautiful, bright tattoos that are almost jewel-like in their artistry.  This lady is amazing y'all! Scroll through a few of my favorites below, and do yourself a favor and check out more of Sasha's work on her website, or her Facebook or Twitter pages. 

All images via Sasha's personal website.


  1. WOW! I love seeing unique tattooing styles x

  2. I am SOOOO obsessed with her work!! I want to fly to her right this minute to get that fox!! :)