Summer Movie Preview

Of the MANY great things about summer, the massive amount of summer movies being released is probably one of my favorites. If you're there to beat the heat, to escape from your daily life for a bit, or just for a good laugh the 2013 season is gonna be a winner.  I'm pretty much always a fan of a good cinematic adventure so my tastes are super broad, but hopefully what you'll find is there's really something for everyone this year.  The list is unapologetically long, (because it's full of awesome,) so buckle up y'all!

I consider myself to be a kind of quirky individual, so a good quirky indie movie is pretty much going to get me immediately.  Here are a few of my must sees...

:: Greetings from Tim Buckley :: May 3 :: I'm a pretty big Jeff Buckley fan & there is no way that I'm not going to catch this film.  

:: Prince Avalanche :: August 9th :: Okay Emilie Hirsch has already done the tortured in the wilderness alone thing (Into the Wild...fantastic flick,) but add in Paul Rudd and brother-like disdain... this is looking so funny!

:: Frances Ha :: May 17 :: I really love Greta Gerwig (wasn't she amazing in Greenberg?) & all her amazing awkwardness.  This film, which explores becoming your own person in your twenties, looks superb.  

The Bling Ring :: June 14 :: Sophia Coppola can do no wrong in my book.  Opening Night. Be there.

:: The Way, Way Back :: July 5 :: I have no words. Watch the trailer.  You'll love it.

:: The Kings of Summer :: May 31 :: I'm a sucker for coming of age stories.  

Ever since I was a kid I loved watching scary movies with my friends.  We're put on Candyman or The Shining and scare ourselves silly, convinced that Bloody Mary was right around the corner.  While I still love the occasional fright fest, my tastes have moved more into the Thriller camp.  These flicks seem absolutely spine tingling...

:: Black Rock :: May 17 :: Ever since I saw that awful movie Hostel I have been somewhat terrified of being hunted.  This flick plays right into that fear, but with some badass female redemption mixed in.

:: The East :: May 31st :: I'm not even entirely sure what this is about.  Seriously. But the trailer makes me want to know more.  Plus, dirty sexy Alexander Skarsgard. 

What is summer without some kids movies and comedy?  These movies are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

:: Now You See Me :: May 31 :: Magic! Woody Harrelson!  Jesse Eisenberg playing Eisenberg playing Mark Zuckerberg.  Morgan Freeman!  Sold.

:: This is the End :: June 12 :: I have a ridiculous love for James Franco and Seth Rogan when they come together.

The To Do List :: August 16 :: Aubrey Plaza is my spirit animal.  

Lastly, summer is often the time when giant, sweeping, much anticipated epic films are released. Seriously, how long have we all been waiting on Gatsby?! I can't wait to settle in and experience these... 

:: The Great Gatsby :: May 10 :: I'm not gonna lie, I only recently ever read Gatsby.  (Hey y'all, blame my junior high english teacher force feeding us Beowulf instead,) That being said, I really loved exploring it as a 20-something, so I was pumped when I heard about it being released, and by none other than Baz.  I'm not sure how it's all going to turn out, but I bet it's going to be BEAUTIFUL.

:: Much Ado About Nothing :: June 7th :: If the cast alone isn't going to convince you to see this movie, consider this. Everything Joss Whedon touches turns to gold.  

:: Man of Steel :: June 7 :: Henry Caville is supposedly often shirtless in this movie.  So I'm already sold.

And there are SO MANY more that I didn't even get to. (Hello Austenland and Lovelace, both of which don't have trailers, but look promising.) What are y'all looking forward to during the summer movie season?


  1. I really want to see The Bling Ring, The To-do List and This Is The End, I've never heard of Now You See Me but the trailer looks awesome.
    : ]

  2. Thank you for this compilation - spending a good part of my morning watching trailers. My boss says thank you.

  3. I am so in love with these films, especially the way, way back. I'm a huge little miss sunshine fan so I know I will love this. x

  4. From what you posted about thrillers, you might like Upstream Color. Check it out. Its already to DVD, but deff worth a watch.