infused moonshine

  I've been a whiskey girl for quite some time, likely due in part to the tradition of good old fashioned moonshine making in my family. (Disclaimer: In Missouri it's not illegal to make moonshine for person use in small quantities.) I love the art of making something from scratch the 'old fashioned' way, and have had so much fun experimenting with different recipes and alcohol types and distilling processes throughout the years. (With the exceptions of the coffee flavored brandy that we made.... i'm pretty sure that it might make you grow a beard it's so strong.)

 I've been interested in flavoring moonshine for quite some time now, and after reading about Elsie's infused vodka adventures decided it was time to give it a whirl. I decided to start with some of our oak-aged whiskey (the oak barrels give the moonshine it's darker color,) and chose flavors that would compliment that oakey flavor that the aging process provides, going with vanilla bean and blackberries. (I recently had some excellent local blackberry whiskey that really inspired the fruit choice.) I've been "marinating" my moonshine for about 2 weeks now and am ready to strain off the liquid and try it out, I'm so excited to see the results! Hopefully there will be some yummy new cocktails inspired by this moonshine adventure. Yum!

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