:: 81 ::

*This scalloped skirt DIY is so pretty.

*I love John Krasinski so much. Combine with Boys 2 Men. I die.

*I always say this...thank you science.

*These kawaii kitchenwares are seriously the cutest things ever.

* Irony?

* Funny.

* I am in love with Elycia's Mario themed crochet quilt.  

♥ Links Loved ♥

* These boardwalk pictures are so pretty.

*I can't believe that these apartment ads in NYC are real. So awful, yet so funny.

*If you haven't yet read my girl Jes' open letter to Mike Jeffries, stop what you're doing and check it out. This girl is my hero.

* 50 things only 80's kids can understand. OMG I was so traumatized by both the Labyrinth and Baby Jessica. I had nightmares about falling down a well for years.

* And if you're not feeling old yet, these will make you feel it.

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