vintage vice: thermoses

I love the look of vintage camp EVERYTHING, especially old metal and plastic thermoses.  I'm not a big coffee drinker (and really, who need more than one thermos at a time for that,) but I love creating little vinettes around my home with my growing collection.  (Most recently, I'm loving using them as long stem bud vases.)  While I've had a lot of luck around town with pretty metal thermoses, I can't stop searching for some of the more rare pieces or those missing from my collection.  These are a few on my wishlist...

:: one :: two :: three :: four :: five :: six :: seven :: eight :: nine :: ten ::

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  1. Vintage thermoses are pretty cool and unique and I like your idea to use them as a vase. The Barbie one reminds me of my mom's Barbie things that my grandma kept, I wonder if she has a thermos...

    kendall from buttons & blossoms