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Hey Hey Hey y'all! First things first... how amazing is this new blog design?  Miss Kaelah Flynn of Little Chief Honeybee has been making magic over here for me... I have been so excited to share it with y'all!  And if you're looking to give your own blog a little makeover, give her a shout.  She is the sweetest lady and SO talented.

Now, I know that I slacked on y'all last week, so I tried to give you a double dose of what's making me happy to make up for it.  Check them out...

* Have y'all been watching Game of Thrones this season? I love these GOT inspired House Sigils for the Internet from College Humor.

* I am not gonna lie y'all, I'm so tired of hearing Hey Ho on the radio...but this version from the Chickeneers literally makes me the happiest person ever. So funny.

* I want all of these Wes Anderson prints! I'm pretty sure that I'm building myself another collection...

* The 7 Types of Festival Folks is great! I have been totally guilty of a few of these... *This bee necklace is so sweet.

* This is great inspiration to keep in mind.

*Buzzfeed did a roundup of great Ron Swanson quotes. It's magic.

*Steph Baxter is SO talented. I love her Food & Type series.

 ♥ Links Loved ♥ 
* Some Russian photographers snuck up one of the great pyramids...and got some AMAZING photographs.

* Your early 20's versus your late 20's is spoooot on.

*9 Reasons to be depressed that you'll never marry Adam Levine. I love you Adam. (Sorry Andrew. :)

* Big Lebowski facts? Yes!!

* I'm pretty sure I've been all of the 6 People You Become On Friday.

* This is how to win your 20's.

* LOVE THIS. (Yeah I love Thought Catalog...) 5 "Girl Things" I'm Done With.

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  1. Hey There!!! I'm a Missouri girl and crafty too, found you care of Miss Kaelah. Just wanted say Hi. I've added you to my Bloglovin' feed so I can "stalk" you now :-) You can find me at stlouisfolkvictorian.blogspot.com