*Tom Haverfoods is the most fun thing to click through

*Buzzfeed did a great roundup of photos from 70's gay rights activism. Isn't is crazy that we're still fighting over this?

*This may be my favorite behind the scenes GoT shot ever...

*I am DYING over this Saved by the Bell quotes poster. Please. I need you.

*So I went a little Buzzfeed crazy. But everything is just so awesome. Like these illustrations of Parks & Rec characters dressed as superheros.

♥ Links Loved ♥ 

* What it's like to go to school in Boston is SPOT ON. As a former Boston grad student, I probably thought all of this at some point.

*Thank you Buzzfeed!!! I always wondered these! 12 Questions Disney Forgot to Answer about Beauty & the Beast.

*A Saved by the Bell quiz. That I DOMINATED.  I am the queen of SBTB.

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