*This works too perfectly...

*I am obsessed with the idea of having bridesmaid dresses made out of vintage sheets. These are SO PRETTY.

*The Black Keys are MY FAVORITE.

*After Ever After....so great

*This happy puppy

*This letter from a father to his son who's afraid to come out just melted my heart. Parent of the year.

♥ Links Loved ♥

*This post did it's job...It's impossible to look at this post and not smile.

* Lena Dunham did a great piece on her life-long love of dogs, A Box Full of Puppies.

*Speaking of Lena Dunham, I'm loving the Jezebel pieces In Defense of Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, & Shoshanna. (Shoshanna is really my favorite character on the show...and apparently the one who has it together the most.)

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