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If you know me well, you know that my relationship with food is...well complicated.  I love it. I mean really, I loooove it.  But. (and there's always a but.) I am super picky, tend to hate things that others love, (don't even get me started on bacon.  gross.) and am generally so busy that I'm not always eating the things that are best for me.

I recently ran into a friend who's taken on a "life change" with her relationship with food, deciding to go vegan.  Life change.  Something about that really stuck with me.  While I'm not to the point of giving up meat and cheese...mmmm cheese.... I did think that it might be time for me to work toward my own mini life change when it came to food.

As many of you know, I am a proficient if not somewhat uninventive cook (probably goes back to that whole super picky, hates what others love thing,) who is daily striving toward becoming more domestic.  (Remember when I made my first pie crust?  I AM WOMAN.)  One of the things that I'm determined to do more often is to cook at home, and being the uninventive cook that I am, I plan to turn to the professionals, aka, the cookbook.  While I am generally drawn to the southern comfort foods most often, I've tried to expand my horizons with some more challenging recipes, and naturally, they've gotta have some killer food photography going on.  Duh.  Here are a few of my cookbook crushes...

Home Made Summer // What Katie Ate // The Drunken Botanist // Bouchon Bakery // The Little Paris Kitchen // This is a Cookbook: Recipes for Real Life // donna hay Seasons // Jamie's Food Revolutions // The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen //

websites I love about food

The Kitchn // The Forest Feast // Sugar & Charm // Scarborough Food Fair //


  1. I just bought "This is a cookbook" and its great - simple and easy recipes and good food!

  2. I love, love, love cookbooks and I've never heard of any of these so I'm super excited to check them out, especially the Little Paris Kitchen. I'm getting more inventive in the kitchen but I still like recommendations from the pros

    kendall from buttons & blossoms

  3. A great one i checked out\stole from the library is the "BACK IN THE DAY BAKERY" cookbook.
    I love it!